7 string guitars to cater to different price points ernie ball guitar string


Many leading guitar manufacturers today have put out 7 string ernie ball music man jp7 guitars to go along with their regular lineups of 6 string and bass guitars. One of the industry pioneers of the 7 string guitar as we know it today, Ibanez, has been at the forefront of this movement, and has put out many models of 7 string guitars to cater to different price points.

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My best analogy is the caterpillar. The slink along the ground ernie ball music man guitar¬†and crawl and do what they want. They somehow stumble into this process that they don’t quite understand….its called a cocoon. After awhile they break out and become a butterfly and sail off to great heights. The only problem is that they end up too far from the ground…That’s OK because they have created an opportunity for the next cocoon. Distance from the ground creates opportunity.

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( he had three by then) move to Newport Beach and semi-retire and concentrate on the accessory business. He wanted to surf at lunch and learn to fly an airplane. He did both but this semi-retirement was a failure as the magazine and the British Invasion messed up that concept as the business took off……..



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