After fruitless attempts to interest ernie ball guitar strings

I think the reason it had been in stock for so long ernie ball music man stingray was due to the fact that the guitar had a loud 60 cycle hum to it through the amp that they had set up to demo guitars with. It functioned as well as a electrical field detector as it did as a guitar. I think the amp they had was an Acoustic or other solid state amp with a distortion circuit that rendered the 60 cycle hum into a door buzzer. I still loved the way the guitar sounded, and I knew the pickups were a big part of that, noise be damned.

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.009-.042 Custom Gauge Electric Guitar Strings, ernie ball 2221¬†Nickel Wound, Super Slinky – 12-pack Ernie Ball strings have been a top choice for players of all types since the early 1960s, when guitarists came into Ernie Ball’s music store, customizing their string gauges to make their axes easier to play. After fruitless attempts to interest major guitar manufacturers in a lighter set of strings, Ernie Ball decided to…


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Ernie Ball 2223 Super Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Strings 12-Pack


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