But back to the loss of entrepreneurship ernie balls

But back to the loss of entrepreneurship ernie balls

My best friend sat in with an artist recently…just brought ernie ball evh guitarĀ his guitar. I was there. It was special… The crowd loved it. Until the you tube was posted. Here was a wonderful player plugging directly in to a strange amp and stepping into the headliners kitchen. One of the many people with the cell phones were right in front of my pals amp….the mix was awful and the people posted multiple videos and the comments were so mean it was a shame. My friend will not sit in unless it is planned and he has his rig. He cant afford the bad internet press.

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But back to the loss of entrepreneurship. Its not like losing your ernie ball custom gauge stringsĀ virginity…You remember that. It is gradually distancing yourself from your customer and your product. Symbolically the exec keeps moving to the top floor instead of keeping their offices on the ground floor. The further the exec rises physically the more likely they are creating the opportunity for that next determined caterpillar.

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