buy ernie ball strings wqith two kids and he gets polio

So know it’s 1962 and my Dad’s store is just down the block from the cobalt strings ernie ballĀ house and we were all out terrorizing the neighbors and my dad shows up and wants the kids to choose the packages for the new strings….I remember this vividly, ( Kind of weird because I was seven) and he stuck his right hand out and showed us this wacky string package that was in black and white….then he pulled his left hand out and there was a hot pink day glo version of the same artwork…..It was unanimous the day glo won……He called them Slinky’s.

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buy ernie ball strings

Off to the Airforce where by day he marched with the drum and at cobalt strings ernie ballĀ night he played gigs with my mom as the singer. Along came my brother David. So now he is 23 wqith two kids and he gets polio. Polio and marching didnt work too well.

bass strings ernie ball



(Also I can look at the page views and secretly take credit for the blog when it was really the pic’s) Two of my Sons who are very active in the business will be coming along posting their side of the story. Big Poppa had to go first.

Really it is a good opportunity to communicate what we are thinking, where we’ve been, and hopefully where we are going.



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