commission to tell your story ernie ball electric guitar

commission to tell your story ernie ball electric guitar
… actually found a few! And a book … and UCD students ernie ball string gauges probably reading it …(hard to know which frightens me more – reading a book by Moore McDowell or a Tome by Lorenzo Bini-Smaghi) & fairly roight-roight-roight-wing tink-tanks (no thanks!). but if you have an academic journal list I’d appreciate it …….. but then this is Richard Tol’s usual area ……….

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ernie ball slinky strings

You hire high priced idiots to ask strangers questions about your ernie ball string product and its applications. This is called ‘market research’ or ‘focus groups’. These are the same monotones that call you during dinner.

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ernie ball slinky bass strings


They got a 100% commission to tell your story. Back then the dealer hadn’t had the life beat out of him or really the dealer was usually a player who had to feed the kids and whose wife got tired of the late night gigs. (Remember live music? What a time…but I digress)…

“Guitarists against Guitar Hero” I am going to start one against fake fur. I threw up in my mouth a little…Sure its a game but the game was in invitation to experience a similar feeling of playing with a band. Duh?


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