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The entire neck on an SG is accessible, whereas on the ernie ball 5 string bass guitar Turser, they join at the 19th fret. The tradeoff is that you loose a little in terms of upper fret access, but you gain stability in the neck and the guitar doesn’t have the SG tendency for the headstock to head for the floor if you let go of the neck when you’re playing with the guitar strapped on.

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They end up taking write downs faster than a tax ernie ball 5 string increase and then create spin to justify why they paid 4 billion for Skype or a gazillion for the new and latest and greatest connector of the population that has zero loyalty.

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In the old days you used a dealer and the print media to tell your story to the public. It worked pretty good. You used international business to bury your mistakes. If a product went cold you pull the wool over the eyes of the europeans for at least a year….You know that there are still companies that dont understand that the word is on real time?



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