ernie ball acoustic guitar strings save money for retirement, and help send the kids to college

Certainly, it wasn’t any sort of utopia, but it WAS ernie ball guitar picks a world where the “average guy” could get a stake to hold: a house and a few modern conveniences, support a partner who could devote herself (this was just typical for the era, I’m not being sexist, and there were women who worked in the mills) to raising children, save money for retirement, and help send the kids to college….

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ernie ball cobalt bass

What am I getting at? The advent of the category killer and the big ernie ball cobalts box retailers and the dealers basing everything on price..but for a few cases your dealer became the lead blanket they put on your chest when you go to the dentists office. At best you were one can and the consumer was the other can and the dealer was the piece of string. That string broke.

ernie ball bongo


This would not happen today. I said sure then called Tommy and first off had to tell him who Eric Clapton was and convince hnim that it was worth bringing amps to Long Beach. I told Tommy to trust me that if Eric used the amps that he would be set.



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