ernie ball bass strings were really good sounding and built lke a tank

This is when I knew that all I ever wanted to do was ernie ball music man bass Ernie Ball. By 9 I was running the stores cash register when I wasn’t driving my dad nuts. What an era…..The Byrds hung out in the store and so did most of the bands and if you bought a set of strings at the now thriving store we would put them on tweak the guitar’s set up for free.

ernie ball m steel strings

Any number of us kids and store guys would get the workbench ernie ball music man axis and polish and re string. He was arranging music for Hansen Publications gutiar folios. I remember when the Hansen guys called my Dad and said, “Ernie, we have a book that you have to do really quickly as these guys are a fad and won’t last’….it was the Beatles. Sometimes on Ebay you can find my Dad’s arrangements. His Classical Gas one was a big seller. ( Icouldnt mention Leo as his non compete clause was still in effect with CBS) and they had these new amps that were really good sounding and built lke a tank.

IMG_1990 (1)
ernie ball cobalt strings



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