ernie ball bass with the varied stack

The Ball Family was always surrounded by music;. Family get togethers were ernie ball hybrid slinky bass everyone playing or singing something. If we weren’t doing that we were listening. Everything from Western Swing to Summer of Love Rock and all in between From Bob Wills through Lenny Breau all the way to Cream and beyond. We were always the ones that baffled record store clerks…..(That is like talking about the ice delivery man) with the varied stack.

ernie ball earthwood bass

It doesn’t “feel” like an expensive guitar, but neither did the ernie ball evh guitars it’s based on. Nobody is going to ever put one in a nitrogen filled display case and in 40 years have it pay for their kids college tuition. Sound guys will laugh at it. They might even think you’re nuts if you tell them it has pickups in it which cost more than the guitar. It’s a tool, which isn’t any sort of derogatory remark, and it is a really fun to play guitar.

ernie ball sub bass



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