ernie ball beefy slinky been refinished as a natural a couple of times

By 1969 or so, the original sunburst finish ernie ball sterling bass had started flaking of in large chunks and it was looking pretty beat up. Nowadays, it would be considered “cool” and I’ve seen relic versions featuring a similar look. A friend of mine painted it Red While and Blue and it was that way for about 5 years. It’s been refinished as a natural a couple of times, the last time was about 20 years ago.

ernie ball regular slinky bass

If you look at the traditional conservative or liberal ernie ball slinkys economic positions, they seem to revolve around either business or government being the way to “get America back to work”. Neither “getting the government off our back and letting the market decide”, or some new government program involving redistribution of income is going to bring back the “glory days”. I’m not saying we should just “give up”, but some fresh thinking about what the future might actually hold, rather than assuming we can just roll back the clock, would certainly be welcome.

4398852_orig (1)
ernie ball reflex



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