ernie ball earthwood Especially to a guy from Kentucky

What can I tell someone new? The heart of the watermelon ernie ball single strings is the journey not the financial ending. You will have golden moments of innovation and success…try to identify and enjoy those moments because for every one of those there are pot holes. They talk about ‘ying and yang’ and ‘sweet and sour’ For every ying and sweet moment there are at least nine sour ones. Watch your inventory and receivables. Keep your office in the center of your structure not the corner or penthouse. Never give more than five strokes in a golf match. Especially to a guy from Kentucky.

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ernie ball power slinky bass

So as it grew he started putting his original front label in ernie ball rps the sets as a back label and dealers didn’t mind as they were selling and generating profit from a new area of the store. As the momentum grew he switched the labels and put his in the front and the dealers in the back.

ernie ball olp


This is when I knew that all I ever wanted to do was Ernie Ball. By 9 I was running the stores cash register when I wasn’t driving my dad nuts. What an era…..


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