ernie ball family reserve in tune better than conventional plain string


Ernie Ball, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of guitar ernie ball super slinky review strings and musical instrument accessories, is proud to introduce the first significant material innovation for acoustic strings since the release of Phosphor Bronze in 1974. Following the success of the immensely popular Cobalt Slinkys, Ernie Ball continues to provide musicians with the most cutting edge tools to achieve superior tone with the release of Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Strings.

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M-Steel, short for Maraging Steel, is a superalloy used in ernie ball super slinky bass strings high stress applications for the aerospace and defense industries. The wound strings are comprised of a patented Super Cobalt alloy wrapped around a Maraging steel hex core wire, producing a richer and fuller tone with powerful low end response. M-Steel plain strings are comprised of a specially tempered steel for maximum fatigue resistance. A patented winding of steel around the ball end of the plain strings reduces slippage, breakage and stays in tune better than conventional plain strings.

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