ernie ball forum It worked about 90% of the time.

I have approached and been approached about re-introducing m-steel ernie ball the Music Man Amps so many times I have lost count. It was just never the right fit and nobody that I talked to could do the amps justice. When my dear friend Marco of Mark Bass sent me an early morning email asking if I was interested I said “Let’s do it!” I had zero hesitation. I had found my perfect partner to make these great amps come back to the market.

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ernie ball super slinky guitar strings

Double hangnails for us kids…that was if we didnt get library ernie balls duty going through the yellow pages looking for new dealers to contact. If they looked like a really big dealer we would rip the page out and my dad would do artwork from the ads logo and sent the dealer some spec strings. It worked about 90% of the time.

ernie ball super slinky bass

Owned and operated by the Ball family, the company sells its products to more than 5,500 music shops in the United States. Ernie Ball’s foreign business is maintained by 68 distributors who sell the company’s products in more than 75 countries. The company pioneered the development of guitar strings for rock-and-roll guitarists.


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