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But back to the loss of entrepreneurship. Its not like losing your ernie ball musicman bass virginity…You remember that. It is gradually distancing yourself from your customer and your product. Symbolically the exec keeps moving to the top floor instead of keeping their offices on the ground floor. The further the exec rises physically the more likely they are creating the opportunity for that next determined caterpillar.

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In the old days….(about a decade ago…ok maybe two) a manufacturer ernie ball musicman 5 string bass did print ads, point of purchase material, artist endorsements and if you were progressive like my father you came out with a t shirt….(1971…the first promotional clothing in our industry) to market their product. There was no line or distinction between marketing and advertising. It was all the same. The last ingredient of your ‘marketising’ was that you left it to your dealer to tell your story.

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I think I got hit by lightning about 15 years ago because I woke up with a crazy thought….What the hell am I doing? Print was in a sprint race with the consumers attention span. They were both losing. The dealers coffee had gone luke warm and I felt like a amp head without a speaker cabinet.



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