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Somewhere around 2010, Tinfoil Magazine (the on-line magazine ernie ball super slinky 10 where we’d been posting/publishing the “Guitar Gods” interview series since March of 2002) sadly went off-line. I had posted nearly 50 interviews, as well as CD reviews and the like, in that 8 years and still had several interviews in the can awaiting publications.

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For my money, Rory Block is the best acoustic blues player alive, and ernie ball strings super slinky one of the best acoustic blues players to ever live. Her ability to not only compose new material but to interpret the songs of the masters (Robert Johnson, Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Reverend Gary Davis, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Tommy Johnson, and more) is, quite simply, un-matched. She is the best at what she does. Period.

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I first experienced Blind Dog Gatewood a few years back at a multi-artist gig in Louisville, KY. By my reckoning, he stole the show. No one was expecting this mild-mannered guy to explode when he hit the stage…but he did. Exploded a delta-blues fury of strings, harmonica, and vocals that left the crowd stunned and amazed.




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