Ernie Ball sent me a set of Coated Electric Titanium ernie ball baritone guitar

It doesn’t always make things easy though. Some people ernie ball super slinky 10 have no issues with a set of strings lasting a while, whilst others have oily skin that just seems to eat and corrode regular strings in what seems like a heartbeat. Others find that strings break at the bridge a little too quickly for their liking. Ernie Ball have both of these bases covered with their range of Coated Electric Titanium RPS strings. CMC Music, the Australian distributor of Ernie Ball sent me a set of Coated Electric Titanium RPS Super Slinkys to review.

ernie ball strings regular slinky

First I went with a lighter gauge, but found that the medium ernie ball strings super slinky lights are the best as they deliver smooth and rich bass tones as well as a nicely balanced treble. These are highly recommended and typically retail for around $5 a pack so they are also quite cost effective. Don’t be afraid to check ’em out. An amalgam of F and C major triads, this is the grip Richards’ describes as “two chords playing against each other.”

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