ernie ball stingray in terms of output and since

The neck is very close to the same profile as the original one. The guitar ernie ball 5 string bass sounds the same to me and it plays great, even doing big bends up high on the neck where the old one had to have such high action to prevent fretting out. The Tallboy is a perfect match for the original bridge pickup in terms of output and since it’s RWRP (reverse wound/reverse polarity) the middle position is now hum cancelling and twangy as hell.

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ernie ball 11 gauge

In 1970, I installed a Epihone patent # humbucker in the neck position, a popular ernie ball 2223 modification at the time. In retrospect, although it allowed me to make some sounds I couldn’t with single coils, it never sounded quite right to me, and it always overpowered the bridge pickup. it was pretty much a “virtual Esquire” from then on, as I mostly played the bridge pickup. Especially after I got my Les Paul. By this time, I had been finding other Fender style guitars to play as I’d discovered that I liked both a flatter radius neck and bigger frets. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

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slinky ball




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