ernie ball strap it was a traumatic event

I’ve owned this guitar for nearly 49 years, since the fall regular slinky ernie ball of 1965 when I bought it for $175. To put things in perspective, this was about 6 months before Hendrix got his first Strat. It was a couple years old when I got it but it was in very good shape and came with a case. I played it regularly until the late 90′s. At that point two things happened. First, someone stole it. Although it was already recovered by the police by the time a buddy of mine told me that someone brought it into his shop (thieves are not always they brightest people) to find out how much it was worth…. it was a traumatic event.

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Martone has a super fluid style that seems to at once regular slinky ernie ball draw on myriad musical styles and at the same time none at all….somewhere off in the stratosphere influenced by nothing but the intersection of heart, mind, and the musical moment. His technique is flawless, his sound impeccable, his compositions seemingly of some sacred geometry, his improv not of this earth.

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