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Dave Martone started playing acoustic and classical ball string at an early age, followed briefly by flamenco, and then leaped both feet into the world of rock guitar. After school, he secured a certificate in recording engineering from Fanshawe College and then headed to Berklee College of Music as a performance major, where he graduated in the mid 1990s.

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I’ve used it at band practice and it works really well; I found super slinky ernie ball myself inspired by playing it again. I’ve always loved the bridge pickup, which on this particular guitar is a very full sounding, almost P-90-ish item. Switching to the Tallboy, the volume doesn’t change and the Tallboy might even drive the amp into distortion a little easier. It’s much more articulate than the humbucker was in this position and as expected very Strat like.

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We would also benefit from harnessing all that human brainpower that would be applied towards creative and artistic endeavors as we moved on to a drudgery free society. Talking robots name Rosey would do all the housework and George would go off to his four hour a day job at Spacely Sprockets. Three days a week.



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