ernie ball wah switch and jack with quality parts

It feels like a new guitar, yet it is hyper-familiar at the same time. I’m half tempted ernie ball flatwound bass strings to add a few dings in the same places as the old neck, but think I’ll let it acquire it’s own character. There’s a time machine element to this as it takes me back to when I first got this guitar, which means, in my case, the 8th grade! My mom had to come to my bedroom and take it out of my grasp, as I had fallen asleep with it in bed. I never realized at the time that I would still be playing it a half century later.

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ernie ball electric guitar

To cut to the chase, I ended up getting a new neck from a company in ernie ball evh Pennsylvania called Source Nation. Flamed maple in satin nitro, a nice thick rosewood fingerboard and a 9.5 in radius. Stew Mac medium jumbo frets. While I was at it, I decided I’d fit a single coil to the neck position and used a Rio Grande Tallboy and a pickguard I had purchased that allows the mounting of a Strat type pickup. I also replaced the pots, switch and jack with quality parts.

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ernie ball cobalt guitar strings




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