ernieball to the Telecaster I had at the time


So my Dad did what all people with passion for an idea that ernie ball cobalt bass stringsĀ everyone thinks is crazy. He tried different stuff. He first off made sure that there was extra profit for the dealer to sell the stuff and broke conventional discount structure. He then said that if they didn’t like his name on the package that he would put their name on it. Bingo. You could tell the four Ball kids by looking at their hands as they were the ones with the paper cuts and hangnails from stuffing the front label into the sets for the dealers. They started to build momentum as did Rock N Roll….Dealers started realizing that they were making money and that it was cool having heir name on the set. He appealed to their ego.

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ernie ball slinky cobalt

Back in the summer of 1969 I discovered a Gibson SG ernie ball 7 stringĀ Special at Coast Music in Costa Mesa. I remember it was on sale for $250; I think it was brand new but had been hanging on the wall for a year or so at that point. I went in there several times to look and play it, and thought it would be a nice complement to the Telecaster I had at the time.

ernie ball musicman stingray





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