Fender that was making these solid body ernie ball 5 string bass guitar


My dad went to Leo and begged him to equip the guitars ernie ball regular slinky bass 5 with rock n roll strings and to offer them for sale. Leo said no way that the guitars would buzz too much and that it was a fad. He went to Gibson and they turned him down too. Back to Leo and leo said “Ernie, if you think it is such a good idea I’ll sell you the strings and you can do what you want with them.” While he was in Arizona he heard about the radio repairman named Leo Fender that was making these solid body electric guitars and steel guitars.

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ernie ball regular

This is when I knew that all I ever wanted to do was ernie ball regular slinky 2221 Ernie Ball. By 9 I was running the stores cash register when I wasn’t driving my dad nuts. What an era…..The Byrds hung out in the store and so did most of the bands and if you bought a set of strings at the now thriving store we would put them on tweak the guitar’s set up for free. Any number of us kids and store guys would get the workbench and polish and re string.

ernie ball power slinkys



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