Great times and then the first gas crisis ernie ball acoustic guitar

I sold a lot of strings and stuff that month. So much that I had ernie ball slinky rps a job. My Father didn’t find out until about 6 weeks into it he wanted to know where the Chevy was. I was rolling….calling on the sole Guitar Center in a Santa Suit at Christmas and hitting record stores in between my appointments. Great times and then the first gas crisis hit and we couldnt get any gas. I was asked to temporarily come inside and work the telemarketing. I never went back out.

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ernie ball slinky guitar strings

So now he has a name and package for the strings now it’s time ernie ball slinky regular to sell them. Easy,……right? My Dad didn’t know anything about business. He was a instant serial entrepreneur…..he had to break all the rules he didn’t know and figure out how to get dealers excited about guitar strings when at the time they were kept in drawers and an after thought for the stores. Part four coming when I get around to it…..Hope Im not boring you cats.Hi, My name is Sterling Ball and this is my first Blog. The webmasters insisted that we have a Blog.


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ernie ball slinky electric guitar strings



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