He appealed to their ego ernie ball 5 string

You could tell the four Ball kids by looking at their hands ernie ball power slinky strings¬†as they were the ones with the paper cuts and hangnails from stuffing the front label into the sets for the dealers. They started to build momentum as did Rock N Roll….Dealers started realizing that they were making money and that it was cool having heir name on the set. He appealed to their ego.

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ernie ball olp guitar

My Dad took leave and drove to Fullerton and he and ernie ball power¬†Leo hit it off. My Dad thought this was the best thing he had seen. It’s 1967 and three things happened. The British Invasion hit, Guitar Player Magazine started, ( By fellow teacher and San Fernando Valley retailer/teacher/steel guitarist named Bud Eastman…..who also founded Musicians Friend) and my Dad decided at 37 to sell his stores, ( he had three by then) move to Newport Beach and semi-retire and concentrate on the accessory business.

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ernie ball nickel wound

The artwork was done by a genius high school buddy that was one of Walt Disneys top art directors named Roland Fargo Crump. If you get to Disneyland and see “It’s a Small World”( you will notice an uncanny resemblance as that was Crump’s work too……)


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