he would go his failsafe closing move ernie ball cobalt super slinky

I had decided that I needed work experience outside of my Dad. I went to ernie ball guitar picksĀ work at a little guitar store called Island Guitars on Balboa Island. Wow, what a crash course in entrepenourship……My boss was a character who fought with his wife in the store, lie to the creditors, flirt with the customers and play in the restaurant down the block at night. My favorite was when a housewife would try to grind on him for a discount…he would start by scratching his head really hard and putting his shoulders back with his pot belly sticking out…if they kept grinding he would go his failsafe closing move…..

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ernie ball cobalt bass

That was the straw that broke the camels back with the Sales ernie ball cobaltsĀ Manager. Besides being hyper, loud, and uncontrollable I had shown him up for the last time and he quit. I remember the next company boasting that they got the brains of Ernie Ball.
So he has moved the family kicking and screaming to Newport Beach in 1967. I look back on the kickng and screaming part….lets see Newport Beach…Boats, beaches and babes…The San Fernando Valley…


ernie ball bongo


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