Hope Im not boring you cat ernie ball guitar book

Now the Store is rockin, the strings are growing ernie ball flatwound bass strings and Dads still teaching. We are cruising along waiting for KRLA or KHJ to debut the newest Beatles songs so we could play them before the record came out. The thrice broke Ernie Ball is now a growing success. It’s 1967 and three things happened. The British Invasion hit, Guitar Player Magazine started, ( By fellow teacher and San Fernando Valley retailer/teacher/steel guitarist named Bud Eastman…..who also founded Musicians Friend) and my Dad decided at 37 to sell his stores,
Part four coming when I get around to it…..Hope Im not boring you cats.

ernie ball electric guitar

The body does appear to be mahogany, but I’m not sure ernie ball evh how many pieces of mahogany, and the opaque finish precludes any examination of the neck. It can be accurately described as a “cutting board glued to a baseball bat with $200 of pickups”. It surprised me with how good it sounded right out of the box. I did very little work on the frets, recut the nut, tweaked the truss rod a bit, reset the intonation and lowered the action. It now plays quite well.

ernie ball cobalt guitar strings


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