I can actually listen to a channel called ball guitar strings

AM radio was the 60’s…FM ruled the 70’s and 80’s…I think the nineties got ernie ball slinky lost. Consolidation of programming killed the DJ…Clear Channel came along and became radio. Satellite Radio tried but fouled their depends…..The internet once again saved the day….the pirate programmers of the late 60’s and early 70’s re emerged on the internet. I can actually listen to a channel called “Steel Guitar Radio”

ernie ball power slinky

It’s a rhythmic cart and much more dynamic than the Rega ernie ball regular slinky carts I used previously, which sound dull in comparison. The cart tracks well, but it really likes clean records. Any groove damage, dirt and dust is immediately picked up by the cart and communicated through the speakers so it’s not the most forgiving cart you can buy if you have a lot of old, worn LPs.

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Other manufacturers have also made 7 string guitars that are also of noteworthy quality. ESP guitars, another popular brand among metal players, have a variety of 7 string versions of their normal lineup of guitars. The Eclipse, Viper, and M-Series all have 7 string versions while still retaining the familiar profile and playing ability of their 6 string counterparts.



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