I don’t know about destroyed ernie ball guitar straps

I don’t know about destroyed ernie ball guitar straps

In other words, the discussion of “autonomy” never seems to ernie ball 2222 get to the level where actual autonomy should be located: at the level of the individual researcher. . . . It’s supposed to be some great tragedy if the very university presidents who constantly attempt to deny my autonomy and direct my research somehow have their autonomy of action curtailed.

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Now that the financial interests have disentangles themselves ernie ball 2220 from the losses, they need to reload the “mark” ( that’s us by the way) so they allow discussion of default, because that will be a sovereign default now and they need the suckers to get back to borrowing…..it’s so outrageous, it’s mind numbing….

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Bw…I don’t know about destroyed…it is destroyed in the sense of purchasing power, but that can happen through inflation (less good for same money) or through massive deflation (same price for goods but less money in circulation) …it seems clear that inflation is the preferred route but this can never be openly acknowledged. that would represent a peek behind the wizard’s curtain and is too dangerous to contemplate.


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