I will try to get a job with Ernie Ball ernie ball 25th anniversary guitar

Its now 75 and my Godfather and other mentor Tommy ernie ball nickelĀ Walker had started Music Man with Leo Fender and Forrest White. Leo Fender had sold his company in 1965 to CBS because he thought he was gravely ill. CBS bought a very happening and profitable company and couldnt believe it when the real corp guys got in there.

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ernie ball musicman guitar

There were no MBA’a and the guy who ran the production ernie ball musicman sterling bassĀ was Forrest with no degree and they forced him out with a manufacturing expert that came from Waste King garbage disposals. They looked at the sales staff and all of them made more than the president of the United States. They forced them out one by one. Music Man was a collection of talented and skilled castoffs or people who just couldnt take CBS.


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It’s now early 73 and I decide that I will try to get a job with Ernie Ball. I dont ask my Dad, I go to the sales manager and tell him that I wanted to be a road rep for Southern California.



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