In addition to great propulsive drumming from ernie ball 7 string

Been looking for a clean copy of this on vinyl for a while and luckily ernie ball strings cobalt found a near mint copy yesterday. One of my Top 10 jazz fusion albums for sure. In addition to great propulsive drumming from TW, you have Allan Holdsworth tearing up the fretboard.

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ernie ball slinky acoustic

This is a very good pressing. The sound is nice and open, instruments ernie ball steve morse very clear, with a nice low end. Dynamic range is good. “1G” is in the deadwax so I am assuming this is a first pressing. Did I mention this is prime Holdsworth?

ernie ball regular slinky acoustic


I love You Tube… i love my cell phone camera. But, (there is always a but) understand that you probably wont be able to let your mind enhance an experience and make your memories greater than it was. You will also understand that there will be fewer and fewer off the cuff comments or candor. The artist will approach everything they do with caution because everything is on the record. Bummer.
How much should we let technology affect chance and inspiration? At least now you know.



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