It was the five year anniversary of ernie ball m steel

It was the five year anniversary of ernie ball m steel

We didn’t build a bigger factory. We never built ernie ball wah inventory. Big Factories ALWAYS become mangy dogs that you have to feed. Im living in real time and we are down on the guitar side a little but there is no pain because I dont have unwanted inventory and the debt and overhead of a dead factory.

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ernie ball stingray

It was the five year anniversary of my Dads passing ernie ball wah yesterday. I actually think I know where time goes and no longer fight it. I sort of attack it. I love it. I have no other choice. I learned from my father who didn’t understand or accept the natural flow and the role you get to play. The word get’ is the operative one. I don’t burn that time with regret about how I should have done something and Im not running my business on the current mantra of denial.

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The lesson learned here is to understand that opportunity is still everywhere. Amazon is amazing….how come it wasn’t Barnes and Noble? The bigger you get as an organization the more opportunity you create for the next generation to cut your legs off and make you irrelevant. You must stay close to your customers.


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