It’s almost embarrassing to have to point best ernie ball strings

It’s almost embarrassing to have to point best ernie ball strings
Even if we’re converting into the same currency, what matters ernie ball evh guitar  is not how much of it we earn but what standard of living it allows us to have. Academics are not going to flock to a place that pays high nominal salaries if the cost of living makes the proposition less attractive than a place paying lower salaries with a much lower cost of living.

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What about if we standardise using purchasing ernie ball custom gauge strings power parities? Ooh, here’s a revelation. The average researcher salary in Ireland, when salaries are adjusted to take into account purchasing power is lower than the average salaries in: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK (table 10, p. 46). Hardly the outrage we’d been conditioned to expect, eh? Not 1.7 or 2.3 times the salary in the UK. Less than. As in: not more than. Not 2.95 times the salary in Germany. Less than.

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It’s almost embarrassing to have to point this out to an economist. As for the private-sector researchers who make even more money, they are not a problem because they are subject to the discipline of the infallible market (and we see how well that sort of thinking worked out for us).


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