Many other artists have turned to the tonal ernie ball

Many other artists have turned to the tonal ernie ball

The 7 string guitar was very prominent in Russia in the ernie ball music manĀ 19th century, and as such, was initially referred to as a Russian guitar. Thought to be an evolution of other Eastern European instruments like the cittern, kobza and torban, the invention of this 7 string guitar is attributed to a man named Andrei Sychra, who is also credited with over one thousand compositions made on this instrument alone. The extended range that this instrument offered musicians and bards of that time provided relatively simple chord structures possible on the fret board, as well as the possibility for alternating bass lines on the 7th string.

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Many other artists have turned to the tonal potential ernie ball cobaltĀ that the 7 string has to offer for their music. This includes guitarists such as John Petrucci of Dream Theatre and Stephen Carpenter of Deftones who have both put out signature guitars for their respective sponsors. This extended lower range has even been expanded further with the recent release of the 8 string guitar. Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares had a hand in the development of this 8 string guitar, and uses it with his band Asesino.
Models of 7 String Guitars

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