Never mind the quite obvious ernie ball olp guitar

Never mind the quite obvious ernie ball olp guitar


One can only marvel at the administrative magic by which a giant ernie ball music man bass assemblage of fictions is transmogrified into truth. For here is the actual truth: virtually none of the work academics do breaks down so nicely into the categories on this form or any set of replacement categories. So if you want to determine costs on this basis you are quite simply wasting my time and yours.

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Never mind the quite obvious fact that the nature of my ernie ball music man axis job (like that of a TD, I might add) is such that I have no idea how many hours I spend on various activities. For I don’t keep track: I don’t punch a clock before I reply at 9pm to student e-mails. And if it is proposed that such punch clocks be implemented, then I’m afraid what will result is that lecturers will start to work less, not more. Most will stop answering e-mails or doing much of anything else that isn’t “on the clock.”

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