sent the dealer some spec strings ernie ball 5 string bass strings

So as it grew he started putting his original front label in the sets as a ernie ball slinkiesĀ back label and dealers didn’t mind as they were selling and generating profit from a new area of the store. As the momentum grew he switched the labels and put his in the front and the dealers in the back. Double hangnails for us kids…that was if we didnt get library duty going through the yellow pages looking for new dealers to contact. If they looked like a really big dealer we would rip the page out and my dad would do artwork from the ads logo and sent the dealer some spec strings. It worked about 90% of the time.

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ernie ball regular slinkys

He was arranging music for Hansen Publications gutiar folios. I remember ernie ball rps stringsĀ when the Hansen guys called my Dad and said, “Ernie, we have a book that you have to do really quickly as these guys are a fad and won’t last’….it was the Beatles. Sometimes on Ebay you can find my Dad’s arrangements. His Classical Gas one was a big seller.

ernie ball regular slinky strings




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