so you’ve still got the other strings ringing ernie ball artists

“The whole idea of getting rid of the sixth string in the open ernie ball strings bass tuning was having the root on the bottom,” he told GP’s Tom Wheeler in 1983. “You can get a drone going, so you have the effect of two chords playing against each other. One hangs on because you’ve just got to move one finger—or two at the most—to change the chord, so you’ve still got the other strings ringing. It’s a big sound.”

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My Dad decided to get a local accountant and the first thing ernie ball string sizes the guy wanted to see was the check register and cancelled checks. The unnamed employee became very nervous and was reluctant to turn over the checks and registers. He kept telling my dad that the accountant was just trying to boost his billings and that the employee was handling it fine. He didnt want me in anyway shape or form. I said “Give me a month, a gas card and that old Chevy out in the parkng lot that was unused, pay me only on what I sell and if it isnt worth it, then fire me.” “Oh, yeah and lets keep this between us”



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