Strings feature more projection and clarity than ernie ball bongo bass

These easy playing instruments also come Coachella, CA (January 15, 2014) — Extensive research over the span of 3 years lead to the development of this optimal blend of copper and aluminum specifically tailored ernie ball musicman bass for acoustic guitar strings. Aluminum Bronze Acoustic Strings feature more projection and clarity than traditional bronze strings, while also providing improved corrosion resistance.

ernie ball flatwound

]in great looking finishes, including flame top maple caps, and matte ernie ball musicman 5 string bass finishes depending on the guitar you choose. Many 7 string guitars from this brand also come at a variety of price points for the more frugal player.

ernie ball electric strings


Buzz Rating is a proprietary system developed by Ernie Ball. Buzz Rating gives you a real time snap shot of each band’s overall exposure level. Taking into account both viral reach and real world factors that produce a 1-100 rating system giving you an accurate reading on each band’s relevance within the industry. Ernie Ball revolutionised electric guitar strings in the late 1960’s by creating lighter gauges that better suited the rock guitarist, ‘Slinky’ strings were born.

Ernie Ball Nickel Wound strings feature the best of both worlds; a steel core wound with nickel. This combination of steel and nickel creates a well-balanced sound.



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