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Ernie Ball has the music world on a string — a guitar string, that is. In ernie ball earthwood strings¬†addition to making Slinky strings, Ernie Ball makes Music Man guitars and basses. The music company also produces cables, locks, volume pedals, picks, straps, and other guitar accessories, such as motorized peg winders.

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Ball reported the problem to Fender, asking one of the ernie ball cobalt slinky¬†company’s sales representatives to talk to Leo Fender. The sales representative returned with the news that Leo Fender was not interested in making lighter gauge strings because the lighter strings would force him to re-engineer his guitars to compensate for the different tension. Undeterred, Ball contacted a string manufacturer and had custom gauge sets produced with a lighter, 24-gauge third string.

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I was a young upstart. I had a friend who was working in another company who was a very good export manager. I said, ‘Hey, could you send me some names, but don’t tell the sales manager that I got these names.’ I sent a mailing behind his back. I think I opened 21 new markets that way. It was then when we became a pretty serious exporter.”



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