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Evolutionary biology is forcing “bottom-up” thinking in ernie ball super locks everything: see Dennett’s “decentralized” theory of consciousness, atheists’ and feminists’ growing interest in libertarianism and Hayek’s work on spontaneous order.

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Marx, remember, dedicated Das Kapital to Darwin, but of course, we ernie ball stingray 5 now know that the unit of evolution is the gene, not the organism, and certainly not the species or race or class.

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The title “The Origin of Species” reflects the title “The Wealth of Nations”. Both contain the seeds of the disastrous habit of thinking about people as collectives of one sort or another.

That French-English contrast shows up in some other areas, notably maths and economics. Newton didn’t supply much of a logical foundation for calculus, leaving it to Cauchy and his compatriots to pave the way for the epsilontics now inflicted on students. Similarly, the economics of Smith and Ricardo was rather vague. Walras started the process of turning economics into a branch of maths and a high proportion of the big names in mathematical economics are French: Debreu, Malinvaud, Allais etc.


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