That’s why we have those ernie ball 2222

That’s why we have those ernie ball 2222

I am an illiterate too, and I have no formal training ernie ball sterling bass in economics…so take what’s follows as an amateurish stab at it. At least minsky tries to incorporate credit cycles and interest costs into an economic framework. Neo classical economics seems to assume away financial intermediation, interest, costs and refuses to acknowledge that these are important to any analysis of the economy.

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Must say I agree with your interpretation of Minsky’s (b) …… bit late but ernie ball slinkys it still needs doin! And then a few Minskite local banks under pragmatic citizen boards … and a good bit of leuderamadan fat that can be cut from we know where to get them started ……….

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deflation. That’s why we have those QE binges: keep the money (credit supply) afloat. Its a mad scramble to keep the Ponzi scheme airborne. Works fine until the citizen taxpayer figures out that if they spend less, and work less, Ponzi deflates real fast. We might just be getting to this transition phase. First Q of 2012?


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