The ad ran internationally and the amps were off to the races ernie ball custom gauge strings

We set them up and I played a little and so did Willie and he was ernie ball pure nickel  sufficiently impressed to bring Eric out. Eric was knocked out and wouldn’t give those prototypes back. Tommy asked if he could have a photo for endorsement purposes and Eric said as long as he got the amps. That was the first endorsement ad for Music Man…..It was Eric standing in front of the amps with a Gibson Explorer with the title “There is only one Music Man”. Tommy trusted me and ran with it and it really jumped started the amps. Eric used Music Man amps for many years. The ad ran internationally and the amps were off to the races.

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ernie ball olp bass

Now I’m 22 and my Dad sits me down and ernie ball power peg says, “Sterling, you act like you have all the answers. You can have the Sales Manager have one year. If you grow the business you have a job. If you don’t your done” I did pretty well and the first year the business with 14 employees was up 50% and I had a job.

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