The company pioneered the development of guitar strings for ernie ball 10s

Ernie Ball, Inc. produces guitar strings and custom-built guitars and ernie ball coated titanium¬†basses, as well as numerous guitar accessories, such as picks, cables, and straps. Owned and operated by the Ball family, the company sells its products to more than 5,500 music shops in the United States. Ernie Ball’s foreign business is maintained by 68 distributors who sell the company’s products in more than 75 countries. The company pioneered the development of guitar strings for rock-and-roll guitarists.

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ernie ball coated bass strings

Ball brushed aside the resistance to his business approach and kept ernie ball coated slinky¬†his eyes focused exclusively on guitars. Before long, customers were traveling from miles away to frequent Ball’s music shop, and the store became a haven for guitar enthusiasts throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Ball contacted another veteran guitar company, Gibson, and received a similar response. Ball decided to do it himself, which led to the introduction of Slinky strings in 1962. At first, Slinky strings were available only at Ball’s retail store, but the popularity of the custom strings soon carried the Ernie Ball name toward global recognition.

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