the Ernie Ball Coated Electric Titanium earthwood ernie ball

Overall the Ernie Ball Coated Electric Titanium RPS Super Slinkys ernie ball bass guitar stringsĀ are a fantastic string that both coated and non-coated strings would be fans of. The tone is full and bright, but not as over the top as some may find the Cobalt Slinkys to be. If you are someone who is looking for a coated string that sounds as good as non-coated strings and/or looking for a string that is a bit less prone to breaks around the bridge than the Ernie Ball Coated Electric Titanium RPS Slinkys may be right up your alley.

ernie ball baritone guitar

I’ve been through a lot of different sets over the years searching for ernie ball bass guitar priceĀ the ultimate acoustic tone and these strings give the best tone per dollar in my opinion. They’re incredibly vibrant and resonant and really bring out the natural tone of your acoustic. I play a Fender f-65 (made in Japan circa 1980) and these strings make it sound better than any other that I’ve tried.

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