The problem is the higher and bigger ernie ball steve morse

The problem is the higher and bigger ernie ball steve morse

So what does the EC study find? If you look at just the average ernie ball guitars researcher salaries in the EU countries covered by the study (the EU 25 plus associated countries), Ireland does indeed look high, with only Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg and Switzerland paying higher average salaries (table, p. 43).


Ah, yes, another of these “where to begin” moments. Let’s begin with ernie ball bass strings the job at the German technical school. Never mind the obvious question (“in what way is this comparable to an academic job in a university rather than at, say, Griffith College?”). There’s also the obvious terminological question that Lucey, in all his wisdom about international comparisons, seems not even to recognise: not all “professors” are what we call “professors.”

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Those kids of today call it ‘street cred’. In my day it was walking the walk. It’s funny to see big companies try to buy credibility. The kids will take their offers and laugh behind their backs.

They buy pet rocks. The problem is the higher and bigger you get the harder it is to know what is happening on the ground. Innovation always starts on the ground.


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