The process of success breeds detachment ernie ball luke

The process of success breeds detachment ernie ball luke

Leo’s long gone. I think that he liked our stuff. Les Paul is ernie ball earthwood strings¬†gone. Gotta love a guy who gigged into his nineties and still loved being a cat. That time thing has done its thing and know I know that even though remember Im internally 30 I must be one of the last men standing because I keep getting asked for video interviews.

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These companies are marketing to generations that got target ernie ball cobalt slinky¬†marketed starting with their baby formula. They have the highest level of skepticism and the most efficient BS meter. They also have the shortest attention span in the world…if you can’t grab them in the five seconds you get you are toast and you are better off burning thousand dollar bills naked in a lotus postion. Teachers and Doctors all it ADD and medicate. I think it is a immunity from oversaturation.

ernie ball coated

The process of success breeds detachment and indifference to the customer and product you are selling. That’s what creates opportunity for the smaller hungrier band or company. We are only here because My Dad really believed that people wanted choice over their strings and Leo Fender and the Gibson guys didn’t. They weren’t on the ground….my Dad was and I never forget it.


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