The Soviet economy is proof that ernie ball cobalts

The Soviet economy is proof that ernie ball cobalts
Economics requires the injection of new thinking from john petrucci ernie ball disciplines as varied as political science, law and ethics. The elevation of behavioural economics, a rag-tag of concepts drawn from these disciplines but not integrated within a coherent and cohesive program, demonstrates the enormity of the challenge. …. There is a pressing need for new economic thinking. It cannot take place in a vacuum.

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that “The Soviet economy is proof that, contrary to what ernie ball super slinky electric guitar strings many skeptics had earlier believed, a socialist command economy can function and even thrive”.As for Marx, when a man’s followers murder at least 100 million people I Mises and other ‘Austrians’ made usefuf contributions – and again I wont’ make the error of linking in the neo-cons to the trillions in military spending and the wiping out of the christian community in Iraq ………… or the millions who died in all those unnecessary wars …..

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One can distinguish Marx the thinker and economist – from what others made of his work in totalitarianism – certainly not communism …….


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