There was basically no retail but what a blast ernie ball 2223 super slinky

In my travels scouring things to buy and sell I used to drop ernie ball music man luke¬†into this quirky hippy amp company called Quilter Sound Company. It was run by a genius named Pat Quilter and his right hand man Barry Andrews. I got Crump’s son to run the woodshop and I sort of ran the retail part. There was basically no retail but what a blast.

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Willie called to place his string order to prepare for Eric’s first ernie ball music man bongo¬†tour in awhile and we were chewing the fat and I asked him what he was doing for amps and he said that Eric was using Fender Dual Showman’s but was looking for something more powerful and something with a master volume.

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I remember that one day they were about 6 weeks behind in paying me and Barry was sick of my act and I was sick of his and I quit probably before Barry could fire me. I got a amp head and two cabinets for back pay. Barry went on to hire his brother who had just graduated from business school and they had this crazy idea to just make power amps. It was wildly sucessful and they are now known as QSC. They are all really nice and good people who deserve their success.



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