we could play them before the record came out ernie ball 11 gauge strings

Now the Store is rockin, the strings are growing and Dads ernie ball cobalt regular slinky still teaching. We are cruising along waiting for KRLA or KHJ to debut the newest Beatles songs so we could play them before the record came out. The thrice broke Ernie Ball is now a growing success.

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ernie ball cobalt 5 string bass

Teaching was always a passion for my Dad. His Phase one and Two ernie ball cobalt electric guitar strings to Play the Guitar are still huge sellers and he personally taught thousands of players through the fifties and sixties. In the day he taught and did sessions and at night he gigged and played on live TV shows.


ernie ball cobalt 10-46



M-Steel Strings were road tested by some of today’s most respected musicians, including world-renowned guitarists Slash, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci. Guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert said: “Ernie Ball knows their metal… literally. I just put a new set of M-Steel Strings on, Wow! Powerful new tones came streaming out of my guitar.” Upon review, Guitar Player Magazine said “M-Steels Strings are louder and girthier than even the Cobalt Slinkys and more so when compared to nickel-plated strings.”




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