Well within economics departments Moore ernie ball reflex

Well within economics departments Moore ernie ball reflex

Upthread, paulr posed a question which deserves an answer musicman ernie ball but I don’t think it got one: “could you recommend a good book that gives the layman who has interest in Economics but can’t go back to study a good overview of the subject.” Since Karl Whelan hasn’t responded here’s my suggestion (well worth what it’s costing you).

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On the suggestions here I went off and looked a bit a Minsky. I note with, slightly ernie ball van halen guilty, interest that on his wikipedia page it states: “Minsky stated his theories verbally, and did not build mathematical models based on them. Consequently, his theories have not been incorporated into mainstream economic models.”

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Well within economics departments Moore McDowell to the best of my knowledge is from the Austrian school (please correct me if I’m wrong) and I had a lecturer with a similar view who was involved in the competition authority. I consider both fairly successful.


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