What America has done is to change ernie ball coated strings

What America has done is to change ernie ball coated strings

The model of American capitalism where the affluent monopolise ernie ball string gauges most of the economic gains, is not one to be admired and several prominent American economists have published research on this trend

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“What America has done is to change the entire concept of culture, the ernie ball string values of civilization. The new American culture is not Chartres or Versailles, but the organization of talent. The Americans organize intelligence so that it creates. They have an industrial and scientific strategy. That’s real culture.”


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“There can be no perfectly human operated system.” I remember the thrill of Kurt Godel doing even for maths, the last great Platonic hold-out.

There is no perfect world but sustained high growth in developing economies is a recent post-World War II phenomenon and there are common reasons for it.

Irish farmers gain from Europe’s biggest protectionist program while the cuts in industrial tariffs have boosted trade and incomes enormously, while it’s mainly developing countries who charge tariffs on each others’ manufacturing exports.


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